Frozen fruit pieces maintain all the succulence of a freshly picked fruit but with a longer shelf life and many more uses. Juicy, fresh fruit pieces are frozen to allow you to enjoy them in a bright medley of snacks and dishes.

The finest oranges, grapefruit, lemons and pineapple are cryogenically frozen and handmade to the exact design that is required for your food processes and retail packs. This ensures maximum flavour and a unique element to your party or function.

Its popularity speaks for itself - major multinationals across the globe are using these products. In Japan the frozen fruit pieces are placed in breakfast jellies and yoghurts as zesty, nutritious ingredients. In South Africa, the pineapple pieces are packaged as part of a fresh tropical stir fry. And in a completely different part of the world, France and the UK, the citrus segments are placed in mixed frozen fruit packs as well as yoghurts.

But, don't just believe the global trend- try it for yourself today.