A unique flavour infusing process creates fresh and crisp piquant peppers that are preservative free and ready to fill with your favorite choice of filling. To view our data sheets click here

We believe that the healthiest option should include the finest flavour. This is why we have worked so hard to create a process that allows piquant peppers to contain their distinct flavor and their natural crispness.

Traditionally, piquant peppers are cooked in a sugar and vinegar brine and then stored in a brine that usually has preservatives in it. This leaves the peppers soft, sticky and not the healthiest choice.

So, our love for that distinctive flavour drove us to design a unique method of infusing the piquant flavor into the peppers and then cryogenically freezing them. And the result - perfection. The peppers retain their shape while frozen and are non-sticky, making them easier to handle and fill with any mouthwatering filling you can imagine... herb infused cheese, fish mixes, meat mixes, pates, olives... the deliciously tempting list could go on and on.